The Workings Of Me

The Workings Of ME.png

I felt the cutting in my blood

A little sharp tingling  and suddenly  more

My guts spilled out

All over the floor.

Sharing my innards with the world

Absurd. Absurd. Absurd.

The beautiful skin I’m in… is gone

Now all you can ever see

Are the grimy, slimy, workings of me.

This inexplicable desire to share

Makes me in-human

So please beware.

I will spill my guts on the floor

You’ll want less because I give more.

It doesn’t pour but it will always rain

When you show the world your inner pain.

(c) Slumpless







This is the time of year where I  live

Here I am

Present. Alive.

My heart thumping  and fluttering

With every crunching leaf.

This isn’t Fall for me

I rise. I shine.

Become divine.

I soak up orange swirl and brown curl.

I take from this season. I use my sight.

For the rest of the year.

I write.

(c) Slumpless