Give It Time

Time (2)



You’re missing a ‘W’ in everything you do

Ork, ant, ill

I can never be your ‘ife’

With just a tinkle in your life.

(c) Slumpless




You’re tiring of me

Quick as quick

I can already feel the limpness in your dick.

What a pity. What a shame.

The fire between us , isn’t eternal flame.

So, so sad. So, so tragic.

That I can no longer work my magic.

‘Treat you mean and keep you keen’?

A kick to the guts? A jab to spleen?

Must I really become a shard

In order for you to get hard?

Screw it. Let this thing end

Before we are no longer friends.

(c) Slumpless

Junk in my trunk

Clunkety-clunk. Clunkety-clunk.

That’s the sound of my heart ever since you left.

It heaves as it tries to beat , it splutters and stalls.

Every pump it makes, rattles my bones

Sets my teeth on edge.

I’m running out of fuel.

No air in my tyres.

Here’s to all you liars. 

Here’s to all your lies.

I guess I’ve got baggage from here on in.

Clunkety-clunk. Clunkety-clunk.

 Plenty of junk in my once empty trunk.

(C) Slumpless



You squeezed my skull in calipers

Found me lacking.

I tried to add inches to my intellect-Big words to my little life.

But my head hurts from all this trying

You hold your cigarette with disdain

I should have expected the same.

That black smoke that wakes you in the morning and lulls you to sleep

It only fills your lungs but not your heart

I guess I’m the same.

Breathed in and puffed out.

You’ll give up on me


(c) Slumpless

Pages and Ages


You are a reluctant passenger on this sphere (1)

I will clamber through the ages

Search through infinite pages

Sift through songs

Get it all wrong

Over and over and over

Again and again and again

Until the bittersweet end

For you I have no shame

Just endless,senseless pain

For a shrug and a sigh

I will try and try and try.

Will you ever try to forgive?

So that I might actually live.

(c) Slumpless




She smelled like cocoa butter

And I would have spread her

All over my bed, my head.

But she longed for harder flesh and bristle

Muscle and strength

Width and length.

I was mere finger and tongue

Too girly, too young.

Maybe if she had tried


Given it a chance

Her body would have danced

And her soul might have followed suit

Ah what a pity. She sticks to the straight and narrow (or wide).

I could have made her glide.

(c) Slumpless



Do Not Enter



‘Let’s leave it there.’

You’re probably right.

You wouldn’t like me anyway.

I’m different with you as you are

I twinkle like a star.

I’d turn into the old me, who gives it away for free.

I would become needy. Greedy.

If you enter my body

You enter my soul

So don’t jostle, don’t run.

I guarantee it won’t be fun.

Let’s leave it here. Where it’s all a potential

The tension.. essential.

Let’s not burst this bubble.

Turn us into rubble.

Let us stay as we are.

Not let it go too far.

(c) Slumpless


Your Love is an Island-Talos

Your love is an islandI'm scorched in the sands of it....jpgThis song is really worth a listen. Poetry to music. Beautiful build up to a sublime finish.

Check out the video:

Your Love Is An Island


Never Forgive


I will forgive you…

When you’re dead

When the worms have consumed your smug smile

When you can no longer haunt me, taunt me.

The living make better ghosts you see

Their pulsing hearts, their burning desire

Add to fuel to my fire.

‘Let it go.. let it go’ ?

Forgiveness will heal you?

Bah. Nah. NO!

I thrive on this anger

I combust with that flame.

Forgiveness is for the corpses

Forgiveness is for the lame.

(c) Slumpless




I will always hold you in my iris

In my vessels

In the spools of blood

The great, the no good.

Part of me will never be free

Of your terse tone

Your dulcet moan

I loved you too much

I didn’t hold back

I followed you into the black

They were always dark

Those irises of mine

But in you I found something divine

So when I say forever

Despite your sighs

Know you will always be held captive

Within these eyes.




Congeal Yourself 

This lagging dragging sound

Is my fleshy heart on the ground

Stuck to your heel 


You mince

I wince

(C) Slumpless