White Lies

The lies we tell to make ourselves seem better create a worldwhere everyone feels.jpg

We can go through life telling little lies,making our lives seem better than they are. All we do is create envy and discontent and a world where no one can live up to something that doesn’t exist. Be honest. Stay true. Make the world an honest point of view.


Tall Tales

Tall Tales.jpg

Cinderella said she lost her shoe by ‘accident’

But she was no fool

She knew the prince adored her.

She had felt his arousal against her leg.

Snow white flirted with all the huntsmen

It got her stepmother’s back up

When she shagged them in the stables.

Hansel and Gretel were too close for comfort

Their parents didn’t know what to do.

They sent them to the old lady in the woods

Hoping for a cure.

But their lust for one another was unquenchable.

They killed her for trying to tear them apart.

Read between the lines.

Question everything.

The world is full of  tall tales

And we lap them up like children.

(c) Slumpless




I think you’re lying to me.

But that’s ok.

I’ll take your sugar however it may come.

Unrefined and coarse.

I’ll stir it into the liquid of me

My veins will clog with the syrupy sweetness of you

Too much of a good thing can make you sick

But thankfully you’re often a prick

And then my blood runs clear

But my heart turns cold

But then you’re sweet again

And I lap you up

I wish you were honey

At least in that there is good

At least honey is pure

What we have is …unsure

And at the end of it all

This sickly depravity

These endless cavities

This constant lick and bite

I lose my senses I lose my sight.

(c) Slumpless




Oh there is such splendour

Such lifting  of the shoulders, such brightening of the eyes

When you stop telling lies.

Not the ones your tell others

They can be undone. READ MORE: