Lamb of Sod


I bleated to the sky

I am a lamb in the wind on the hill

The clouds have darkened and there is a storm

Oh who will keep me warm?

Do you not have wool child?

Make use of it.

Soon it will be mild

And the best of you will be used to heat others.

No not your brothers.

Those that will eat you to bone.

And leave you all alone.

Today enjoy your heat

For tomorrow you will be meat.

(c) Slumpless


This story is inspired by a beautiful poem called ‘The Fish’ by Elizabeth Bishop. It is a reminder not to dismiss an often forgotten generation. Helping the elderly┬áis not just a charitable endeavour it will also bring wisdom and comfort to the many lost souls of today’s youth.It ┬áis a two-way street.


The light spray of cherry rain on my face was startling and strangely cooling. I had been trying one of the Barefoot Contessa recipes and was at a crucial moment in the stirring process. I was both surprised and slightly irritated when the unfamiliar twang of my out of practice door-bell permeated the more gentle rhythm of my food mixer. Red from exertion, I opened the door cautiously and reminded myself yet again that I really should invest in one of those glass eye things. That was when my face met the cherry aftermath of a gum bubble. The creature that stood before me looked as if she had absorbed the colour out of the grey day and put it all into her jacket. I blinked slowly taking it all in. READ MORE: