Sweet Streets

How sweet the pavement seemed today

I licked it as I walked.

Consumed the lemon light

It’s zesty beams resting lightly in my mouth.

I’m leaving you see..

And nothing makes the street seem sweeter

Than knowing that soon I will walk it no more

Those trudging,weighted steps of yesterday

Seem so far away.

A hop, skip and a lump in my throat

I will miss the smiling man on his bike

The old, shuffling lady with her bowled over gait

And most of all,

I will miss you.

The streets where you live.

Where your candy kisses coated my tongue

And your sherbert eyes still fizzle in my brain.

(C) Slumpless


Bigger Lakes

I took you to the lakes

“Is this it?” You said.

I took you to the hills but you wanted mountains.

To the woods but you wanted jungle.

I gave you my heart. But you took my soul.

My hand, but you grabbed my neck.

My devotion was met with no emotion.

My love hit a brick wall.

I’m learning to avoid the fall.

There are oceans out there for you to paddle

There are forests with trees for you to climb

Why the fuck did you even pick mine?

I hope you find what you seek

But please, please, please!

Don’t prey on the weak.



I brought you stardust.

I went all the way up to the heavens

And gathered it in the palm of my hands.

I fought my way back into your murky atmosphere

Just to get a nod. A pat on the head.

But instead of warm air I got a vacuum

Cold and harsh

You suck the life from me.

How can there be lust

Without a sprinkle of stardust?


Lost Parts

I thought love was give and take.

Give. Give.Take.Take.

Either way, parts being lost and handed over.

More and less.

But suddenly I knew it shouldn’t

It ought to be teach and learn

No yank or burn.

Both gaining without taking

Solving without dissolving.

I now know what love is.

It wasn’t us. Not for years

We lived on pulling and pushing tears.

And the hardest part is not losing each other

But winning the battle.

(C) Slumpless


I have only a puppy heart


Needs a leash.

It jumped on you as soon as it could

And you pet it for a while

Appreciated its effervescent nature

But that was just for Christmas

And now this heart is in the pound.

Pounding. Pounding. Pounding.

Waiting to come home again.

Waiting for you to play ball.

But time has run out

And I have been put down.

(C) Slumpless

Splintering Whispers

There is only silence when we’re together

Beautiful,smooth quietness

In my heart and in my head.

No gaps between us to let echoes bounce and bound.

No slivers of space where splintering whispers can flay my nerves away.

When your skin is on mine

Hush. Hush. Hush.

An occasional hum.

An occasional groan.

But mostly blissful

When we’re alone.

(C) Slumpless

Let’s take it outside

Let’s go out you said

And we were both afraid

You flinched a little.

Outside was the world

Large and absurd

We had our den

Pizza on the bed, coffee on the floor

A little less, a whole lot more

Twisted in bed sheets and things unsaid

Warm with potential.

Outside there were eyes. Wide and surprised.

My oh my and oh how you lied.

So maybe let’s stay in a while longer

The world can wait until we’re a little bit stronger.

(C) Slumpless