You squeezed my skull in calipers

Found me lacking.

I tried to add inches to my intellect-Big words to my little life.

But my head hurts from all this trying

You hold your cigarette with disdain

I should have expected the same.

That black smoke that wakes you in the morning and lulls you to sleep

It only fills your lungs but not your heart

I guess I’m the same.

Breathed in and puffed out.

You’ll give up on me


(c) Slumpless

This Secret We Keep

I think I hear a bird chirping But there's no life hereIt's eerie, eerie, eerie.


There’s a murk in that mist

Those beams just can’t quite make it through

I fell for your tricks again.

I fell for you.

There’s a smirk in that mist.

But it’s not yours or mine

It’s the water.

It’s the air.

They knew it would never be fair.

They just waited for it all to crack.

They felt the light we lack.

I think I hear a bird chirping

But there’s no life here

Like a string broken on a guitar.

Flat. Flat…

The mist is laden with tears

They will go on for years and years

They’re not yours or mine.

We’ll be fine.

They’re hers.

This secret we keep

Will inevitably make her weep.

(c) Slumpless



Oh silken longing

You wove your way between us

And the heat we felt was like no other

Thick and unctuous.

Palpitating. Radiating.


Killing us kindly.


We followed it to hell and

Now we spin in sulfurous steam

Flayed and splayed.

A fire that will never turn to cinder

Never return to sender.

(c) Slumpless


It’s not you . It’s me. It’s anybody.


I’m warning you now.

Don’t let me do it.

Don’t let me fall for you.

You say you want casual.

But this talent I lack.

I never stay on track.

I freewheel and lose the road.

Heavy load. Heavy load.

Once you’re in. You’re in in.

That’s it , I’m done.

It’s no fun

Not for me.

Not for you.

This need, this desire

Will last longer than you’ll think it should

You’ll be surprised

‘ Am I really that good?’

That’s what you’ll wonder

As I’m torn asunder.

But if it’s any consolation

You’re not.

You’re nothing special

No magic power.

You’re a character in a play

And it’s the play . The story.

You’re just the understudy.

But I will always stick to this script.

(c) Slumpless




She smelled like cocoa butter

And I would have spread her

All over my bed, my head.

But she longed for harder flesh and bristle

Muscle and strength

Width and length.

I was mere finger and tongue

Too girly, too young.

Maybe if she had tried


Given it a chance

Her body would have danced

And her soul might have followed suit

Ah what a pity. She sticks to the straight and narrow (or wide).

I could have made her glide.

(c) Slumpless






Scratch it. Scratch it.

You want to.

Those cells are asking to be lifted.


Stop tapping your fingers on wood.

Let them do good. Here.

Lick it. Lick it.

Lap the curiosity away.

Swim in the swamp not the lake

I promise I  won’t fake.

I don’t have to.

Don’t live with an itch.

Switch. Switch.

Make me twitch.

I’m not a witch.

Or am I?

You’re thinking about me now?

I know you are.

I’m under your skin.

I win.

(c) Slumpless



Cherry PopĀ 


I lied to you.I lied to myself.

I’m hundreds and thousands

Sprinkling a million emotions on you.

You see rainbow but I’m an empty pot.

Run away. Run away.

That’s what I tell myself.

But your’re the cake to my flake.

Cherry to my pop

I’ll enhance your flavour

But only if you let me.

(C) Slumpless