Leaf Adulation

Excerpt from ‘Goddess’ : ¬†http://wp.me/s3Z0VF-goddess

I felt all the power of the gusts inside me.A whirling dervish, hovering above groundNothing but the sound of leaf adulationOh what a sound!




As you dwindled on the pyre

Sparks flew higher and higher.

Then one brave spark came to me

I watched it flicker, it was all I could see.

Through my stomach it burnt its way

And I was filled with you and what you could do

The magic spark that your life was made of

Was the making of mine now.

I knew I had power.

You had bitten me in death

With your smokey breath

While your embers  are still burning

I am already turning.

Fyre. Desyre.


(c) Slumpless




My sad eye is pressed up against the wall

I heard the nightingale’s silent call

Out there everything shimmers

You  in the middle of a lake that glimmers

Flora and fauna and mossy roads

Faeries and pixies and croaking toads.

Water spouting out your finger

A thousand reasons to let me linger

Staring out at your bright world

Ignoring the fact that I’m being absurd.

Is it better to have a crack

Or does it just highlight what I lack?

(c) Slumpless




Scratch it. Scratch it.

You want to.

Those cells are asking to be lifted.


Stop tapping your fingers on wood.

Let them do good. Here.

Lick it. Lick it.

Lap the curiosity away.

Swim in the swamp not the lake

I promise I  won’t fake.

I don’t have to.

Don’t live with an itch.

Switch. Switch.

Make me twitch.

I’m not a witch.

Or am I?

You’re thinking about me now?

I know you are.

I’m under your skin.

I win.

(c) Slumpless



Kill me now



This would be a good day to die.

No loose ends, I’ve tied them all.

Happy as a clam then

BAM I would be gone.

Would that be so bad ?

Today I feel I reached the peak of all I need

I reached the top . I dropped my bag.

How long can I stay up here looking down

At all the shadows of me .

Still climbing .

Their very nature will drag me back.

No. Today would be a good day to die.

I’ve reached the sky.

I might as well keep going.

It must be better than going back

Over fading tracks.Into heavier air.


I can’t. I won’t.

Oh but wait.

To live ! To live!

Surely that is best.

I have had a rest

Seen green pastures and crystal seas.

My hair has fluttered in the breeze.

I have reached new heights

I must stay and fight.

No not today. I change my mind.

Don’t kill me now.

I can bring today back down with me.

I can remember this sky from down below.

It’s not my time to go.

(c) Slumpless




You matter

They say that atoms are mainly space

But mine are filled with you.

Every corner of me has made you welcome.

The caverns of once unused thoughts are full

And now I am dense…heavy.

You are wedged in the core

The tiniest,slightest pore

I brim with your blood and mine

Tortured but divine

(c) Slumpless



Bake The Pain Away



I baked today

And hoped that if they rose

Then so would I.

As I sifted the flour

I let my thoughts sift too

Speck after speck of tiny thought

Wired and fraught.

Falling like lazy snow

Maybe if I created

Something good to taste

Today would not be a waste.

I would have something to share

To show I care

Or at least pretend to.

Oh that beautiful chemistry

Of exactly the right mix

Of sugar and spice

‘And all things nice’

There’s magic in this kitchen

There’s healing in this bowl

I think I was right to bake today

I feel better in my soul.

(c) Slumpless.





I have reclaimed the magic
It's tragic I left it so long.
I can ask the universe a question
And it will answer.
The stars have become part of me again
Their twinkle in time in with my heartbeat.
My arms can hold the universe
While my head rests on the moon.

I forgot that I was this powerful
That my blood pumped in time with the heavens
That I could travel through a million dreams
Unseen but present.
Do you believe me ? Do you think it's true?
It doesn't really matter. 
It's not me. It's you.

(c) Slumpless