I just wanted to take his little hand and run.

Jump on a bus and go on an adventure.

He didn’t want to go to school and little sobs racked his big soul.

His quivering lips , his wet eyes.

I wasn’t ready for such goodbyes.

All I could think was that:

His whole life would be filled with timetables.

One day

He wouldn’t be able to run away.

So why not today son?Why the hell not.

Let’s run while we still can.

While it’s still fun

Because someday you won’t have your mum.

Someday you’ll be in a suit and tie

With no one at the gate to wave goodbye

(c) Slumpless


Remember That.

They say it’s love before sight

And it’s true.

I loved you before you were born.

Before you were torn from me.

Before those tiny hands grabbed my fingers

And your cries filled the night. READ MORE

Sleeping Through The Night

Days oozed into woozy nights milk stained clothes, greasy hair. Soft and mushy in all the wrong places. I felt like a giant lactating pillow. ┬áTime blurred as everything I ever was, seemed to have disappeared. I was taken over by endless exhaustion. My tears flowed quickly and frequently, while the world slept soundly. The tiny cries, that he didn’t seem to hear, were like jabbing pins into my body. They plunged downwards, into the abyss of my unconsciousness and pulled me up and out. READ MORE