Thanks you guys

You have taught me well

This messing me around shit

Has given me Hell.

Will he reply ? Will he text?

What’s happening now ?

What happens next?

Thanks y’all for making me feel crazy

The last few years are somewhat hazy

Constant confusion , up and down moods

Wondering how anyone could be so rude?

But still I thank you

Because now you see

I too can be a player

Not just a playee.

This karma thing it really works

So lashings of gratitude to all you jerks.

(C) Slumpless


Time dies

All I want to do is sleep

Because being without you is being stuck to the hands of a clock

Tick tock.

I feel every second jolt my core

Time isn’t like before.

It used to fly. Remember?

Just yesterday I floated on weightless sand

Upside down in an hourglass

Then right back up again.

Now it’s just circles.

And they never fucking end.


O Zone

I’m pressed up against your atmosphere

Spread-eagled, sprawled

Gazing longingly at your world

I want to get closer but

You are miles away and I would kill your air if I got any closer

There are holes in this o zone

And I can’t fill them or pass through

I’m neither here or there

Hot, cold air.

Cold. So cold.

If I look behind me there is endless black

So I stay.

Face squashed against the one thing you can’t live without

And the only thing keeping me here.

(C) Slumpless

A Pointless Expression of Love


Big old lumps of love when you hugged me.

Dollops of it when we kiss

Did I dream it all ?

Did I imagine your hands holding my face ?

Your nose in my hair ?

Did I? Be fair.

Or do I weave tall tales where reality fails?

So I made a pointless expression of love.

The words kneaded out of my mouth by your persistent caresses.

Was it a selfish thing?

When I know nothing would change.

And deep down you wouldn’t return the favour?

I admire the honesty of your words

But your body lies. To me. With me.

So which is it?

Your body or your mouth?

Neither? Either? Both?

I won’t say it again.

Forgive my child-like warble

This babbling heart has met rock it cannot erode

But it won’t flood.

It will just meander.

(c) Slumpless

Three for me

There I am !

Good to see me again

I was in the trees all along!

Not under the duvet

No matter how hard I looked

How deeply I burrowed.

Ah look! I’m so pretty when I smile.

So nice to see the cold, give blush to my cheeks

Why do I forget this every year ?

Grey days send me under cover

Ah but when the sun shines

I find myself

Out and about

Glowing just like that familiar friend

There were three magpies fluttering in the sky

Three for me.

(C) Slumpless

Hurt Alert

Every aspect of me is sensitive

The rubbing of a sock on my little toe

My innards if I ingest unsuitable morsels

Every speck is on hurt alert

It’s no wonder that

As I tread carefully

Then so must you

Every word you utter or don’t

Every touch you give or withhold

Can be beautiful fire or barbed wire

I’m not in between so please don’t be

Love me gently but with strength behind it

Gentle pressure. No sharp digs.

I’m not saying I’m covered in cotton wool

But I ought to be.

So easy there tiger before you rub

You are all grown but I’m just a cub.

(C) Slumpless

Book Smart

I remember everything.

Everything you said

Over and over in my head

Like a gramophone gone rogue

I would be highly accomplished were you an encyclopedia

I could recite you back to front

Instead I hold the secrets of you quiet

Let them burn holes in my pockets

I am wealthy with you

Loaded with the jewels of your soul

I have read the lines on your skin a million times.

Then why do I feel so stupid ?