The Shit Show

There is a ragged breath that rasps its way out just before sleep beckons

It speaks of trapped thoughts let out like a cat into the night.

I am never exhaling with the full force of my lungs

Not until that moment in the dark where frantic wisps of all the itchy things I’ve done burst forth and dance on my covers.

It’s the shit show and I’m front row.

No clapping here as I cover my eyes with trembling fingers.

All I see are shards of the day

Here now to pierce my soul as they rip through my guts

Their incessant replaying of all the things I would rather forget.

Their beautifully ugly embellishments bringing heat to my cheeks over and over.

Nowhere to go but clamber back behind the curtain of my sleeping eyes

To the tepid waters of my longterm brain

There they shall remain

Each day honing their skills to cut the heart of me right from under my nose

Even in slumbering repose.

(C) Slumpless




I longed for you through inky night and harsh sunlight

I called on the stars to help me.

I summoned the winds to bring you near.

My every thought was spattered with you

Scattered by you.

Your effervescent tongue had awakened every nerve.

I felt flooded by your spirit

Engulfed by your soul.

And then it stopped.

I stopped.

And you called.

(c) Slumpless

Chasing tail

How long can I sit still before I become nothing? Before my value…fades?
How much must I do
To be worthy of you ?
What if I find no joy in running ?
Am I worth less if I don’t seem busy ?
Circles. Circles. Dizzy ?
You should see my thoughts
They know nothing but work
So don’t be a jerk.
Words take up my schedule
Fast and furious
You just need to be curious
Take a peek
I’m strong not weak.
Moving your legs makes you feel good pain ?
Have you tried excercising your brain?
So before you accuse me of being a fail
Ask yourself why you’re chasing your tail ?



No need for flowers
When your words build towers.
If meaning is conveyed
All is not lost
Complexity does not always a poet make.

Yes there is beauty in finding the perfect word
The perfect formation
A superb creation
Those words that leave literati gasping
But joy can also be found in beautiful simplicity
In a thought not over-processed, not pulverised
One whose very essence remains untouched
One that reaches the masses, all the classes
That speaks for us all
That has us enthralled 

So fear not 
Or compare your words with others
Do not seek to alter your voice.
Yes this is a craft 
But one of many forms
Of many facets
And yours has assets 
Of its own.

(c) Slumpless

Originally posted 15.06.16



There’s a grimy,slimy trail you leave

When you touch my face

It sticks to me for weeks and I can’t shake that sludge

It won’t budge

You slither away under a rock

And I whither in the heat

Deplete. You deplete me.


I keep doing it over and over.

“You can’t teach an old dog ” and all that

I guess I’m a mutt because I’m certainly no bitch.

Only to myself.

(C) Slumpless

Light. At last.

I added a new dimension to my world

Yesterday all I had was fear.

But now a whole new path appears.

I didn’t realise my fingers were gripping something so immovable.

That I hugged a life with no promise.

So when I unwound my fingers

Magic happened.

A vast and exciting land rose from the rubble

Outside my bubble.

This new dimension called future is uncertain …

Hidden behind ethereal curtains

Oh but at least I can open them wide

See what’s on the other side.

So let go of that thing that ties to you to the past

And move into the future, light

At last.

(C) Slumpless


I explained you into something else

How else could I understand you ?

I made excuses for your strange ways

And let the nuances I didn’t understand become mysteries, worthy of my love.

At the end however I realized that you are not an art piece to be deciphered

And that color on a wall does not a picture make.

Your silences are not opportunities for me to read your mind

But chances for blissful peace

So goodbye sunshine. Goodbye rain.

I thought you were a Picasso but you were nothing but a stain.

(C) Slumpless