Shiny Thing

Decadent mortals living as if there was no tomorrow
There won’t be. Not like today.
Throw it away. Throw it away.
Each discarded wrapper is another nail in your plastic sarcophagus.
You think this sphere is just rock ?
It breathes you know.
Its lungs are just as tired as yours will be
Think of all the living things as cells
Then perhaps you won’t create your hell.
Is it worth it for a shiny thing
That no birds sing ?
You and only you must look at your hands
And see the weapons that you each bear
Their ability to tear.
Throw it away ? Another day ?
Do you have one ?
(C) Slumpless

Wave Goodbye


I dream of waves

Inconsolable water that knows no forgiveness

It’s coming you see.

The big one.

Do you dream of it too ?

It will toss and turn us

Hurl us away.

You and your big house

Me in my flat.

All of this. All of that.

The roar. The gurgle.

The silence.

(c) Slumpless