Semi-decent Human


Your persistence paid off…

I love you.

Yep that’s it. I do.

You are human after all.

And that is my only requirement.

A semi-decent human and I’ll be yours forever.

That’s why I don’t allow myself to go so easy.

There isn’t enough of me to divide out with you all.

That’s why it took so long.

But once you chip away the shell

I’m all soft inside.

I’m like slime in those kids toys.

Throw me around and I’ll stick to the wall

I’ll stick to you all.

So be careful.

Once I’m covered in fluff

You’ll have enough

(c) Slumpless




You see me only, when I’m bubblegum,

Lots of fun

Pink and light

Oh what a sight !

You will think I’m sugar

A little too sweet

Good in small doses

An occasional treat

But when I pop

Gone is my air

The bubble I was

Is no longer there.

I’m stuck to your face

Unpleasant and sticky

Much more complicated

Much more tricky

I may appear fluffy

I may appear pink

But I never seem to float

I just tend to sink

(c) Slumpless