Just a pill


I am writing this post to highlight the effect contraceptive pills can have on your mental health. Ladies I’m not dissuading you from contraception but rather asking you to be aware of the effects it can have on your moods and not be afraid to try various options until you find the right one. ‘May cause mood swings’ sounds so benign but based on my personal experiences those mood swings can make you and break you:

It’s just a pill.. try it and see

But that pill could break me

The world can turn black on that little white sphere

You don’t understand?

You’ve seen ‘The Matrix’?

Well it’s the same… ish

I mean this pill has powers to change my world

To remove the illusion of the life I lead

It can create pools of bubbling anger I never knew I had

Make the green eyed monster appear.

But I’m no ‘Neo’

When I’m in it , I can’t fight.

Can’t see the light.

So no it’s not just a pill

It’s not just a mood swing

It’s is the pendulum and I am in the pit.



SLUMPLESS.COM.pngLet me wrap you in sublime

Clothe you in caresses

Let every inch of you be enveloped

Every particle developed

Let me know all the ways that make your skin shiver

Let me be giver.

Swim in your river.

I can tell that you’re ready

This lust is ever heady

Don’t try and be strong

This isn’t wrong.

I love to give.

You won’t die, I promise.

But you will certainly


(c) Slumpless







Scratch it. Scratch it.

You want to.

Those cells are asking to be lifted.


Stop tapping your fingers on wood.

Let them do good. Here.

Lick it. Lick it.

Lap the curiosity away.

Swim in the swamp not the lake

I promise I  won’t fake.

I don’t have to.

Don’t live with an itch.

Switch. Switch.

Make me twitch.

I’m not a witch.

Or am I?

You’re thinking about me now?

I know you are.

I’m under your skin.

I win.

(c) Slumpless



Heal Me


It’s beginning again…

That uncertainty about whether you’re feeling it too.

I can swear you looked sad when I was leaving

But maybe that’s just me?

Can it ever be ?

For once you have more to lose than I do.

My boundaries are always blurred

Something tells me yours are more defined

My intentions were pure … are?

But the shift was sudden in the gloom

And I felt the heat emanate from me into the room.

You must have felt it. Others have felt it before.

I swear I’m not a whore.

You know what I’m like

So you were expecting this.

I was too if I’m honest.

You have been healing me

But in doing so, have brought about a new sickness

One that leaves me sweating in the night

Wondering. Longing. Hoping.

Wretched once more.

(c) Slumpless

Come now


Come now and follow me

Into the sea. Into the water

Let your feet slide into the depths of this

The depths of bliss.

I promise you’ll like it

I urge you

To submerge you

You can shrug those clothes off

It’s warm down here and we are but limpets

Clinging to each other while hell raises above us

In a scummy foam each time we moan

Silken skin and salty hair

Wetness everywhere.

Your eyes may close to adapt to the change

But soon you won’t find anything strange

So dive… dive in deep

Because before now you were fast


(c) Slumpless