You can’t live like that


I will shatter those goblins for you my dear

And blow the monsters out from underneath your bed.

The shadow that lurks in your cupboard will be no more.

Nor the ghost behind your door.

I will turn on the light.

All of these fears, I will put right.

So my darling no need to quake

I shall stay wide awake.

For those beasts you should fear the most

Are not ghoul nor witch nor demon nor ghost

They live amongst us spreading fear

Taking those that we hold dear.

‘I can’t live like that?’ You say

Allowing terror to lead the way?

Well you are brave. Much braver than I

I really,really don’t wish to die.

Nor my child or husband friend or foe

I don’t want any of them to go.

While malicious souls walk the streets

I won’t feel any lasting peace.

I will avoid areas that are most at danger

Avoid talking to dodgy strangers

I will feel paranoid on the bus

That one of them is one of us.

So tell me to be brave. Tell me I’m absurd

It’s what I told others when it was the other side of the world.

I can’t live like that?

I think I can.

I’ll hide indoors. I’ll make a plan.

The world is in danger.

There is a war.

Just for a change

It’s on our front door.

(c) Slumpless


In the name of who? #Orlando

‘No man is an island?’

Isn’t that what they say?

But sometimes I wish I were.

Sometimes I  wish I could float far away

From soil, from toil from turmoil.

Today I want to drift into the ocean

Away from the river of tears.

But the howls of anguish have traveled far

Too far for us to paddle away.


You do it in the name of what ?

In the name of who ?

Do you trust so little in your God

That you do what you do?

Do you think his plan so worthless that you must kill it ?

You who cry belief to the moon

Seek divinity too soon

For reasons that alter with the winds of time

You commit these vengeful crimes.

But remember this:

What will not alter

What will not falter

Is that the lava beneath us, is full of fire

And although we may wish to be islands

Although that is what you desire

You try  to push us apart.

The lava will meld our hearts.

Together. Forever.

Despite you.

(c) Slumpless