You Planted Flowers

You planted flowers.

There was nothing but concrete and grey

God that grey. Suffocating. Stifling grey.

And wretched looking people and their wretched looking pets

Littered sidewalks

Another siren in the distance.

But you planted flowers.

And I was on the bus

And though you don’t know me

I feel somehow you do.

So please keep them watered

Because it matters .

It matters to me.

(C) Slumpless



Thanks you guys

You have taught me well

This messing me around shit

Has given me Hell.

Will he reply ? Will he text?

What’s happening now ?

What happens next?

Thanks y’all for making me feel crazy

The last few years are somewhat hazy

Constant confusion , up and down moods

Wondering how anyone could be so rude?

But still I thank you

Because now you see

I too can be a player

Not just a playee.

This karma thing it really works

So lashings of gratitude to all you jerks.

(C) Slumpless

Time dies

All I want to do is sleep

Because being without you is being stuck to the hands of a clock

Tick tock.

I feel every second jolt my core

Time isn’t like before.

It used to fly. Remember?

Just yesterday I floated on weightless sand

Upside down in an hourglass

Then right back up again.

Now it’s just circles.

And they never fucking end.




Ok it’s time to retreat

Pull back woman for God’s sake.

You have your own personal Groundhog day.

Use it. Remember. Learn.

You put your heart on your sleeve

No return.

So let him simmer. Let him wonder.

Don’t tear your own life asunder.

Let it be. Just wait in the long grass.

You do it so well when you don’t really care

Harness that.

It may not be fun

But if you push

He will run.

(c) Slumpless

Maybe it’s better if he does

Alone In The Kitchen

I cry alone in the kitchen

Soft burbles on the outside

Giant blubbering within.

I can’t let him see what has happened my heart

He never even knew it was gone.

Wretched. Wicked. Wrecked.

Him. Me.Him.

The smell of burnt rice reminds me of my place

So I wipe my face

Breathe deeply, stop the whines

It is after all Valentine’s.

(C) Slumpless


You are a bastard

But you told me you were

So I suppose more fool me.

You made me feel that I had charmed you

You waited and waited

Like a snake in the grass

Until the crickets chirped and peace filled the air

Until the soft soul of me was bared

AND boom

You bit me good and hard.

The venom is all over me now.

My blood has turned glassy


Fuck you.

I would have given you this vein for free.


Shore Thing

Don’t make me choose

Because I will choose you

What did you think ?

But a part of me will always wonder

Will always wander

And you will see it in my distant eyes

In that hazy glaze that far off daze.

Don’t make me pick between him and you

There’s no need

He’s him and he’s New.

Don’t battle for my heart

You’ve already won.

Your flag is right in the centre.

But boundaries shift

You know they must

From love to lust

Then back again

Don’t make me decide between shore and tide

It’s amazing what frothy waters can hide.

I will always sway between both

The moon makes it so

I come. Sometimes.

I go.

(C) Slumpless