Your Reluctant Life

You are a reluctant passenger on this sphere

You look like you just fell out of bed

Your morning breath and messy head

You’re smiling though which is good sign

So maybe today we might be fine.

Oh no. Wait. Damn.

You think I’m not looking.

Your smile is gone.

You’re just a bag of bones under that grin

And there’s nothing I can do.

Nothing I can say to make it right.

I’m sorry your world is so hard

That every day is a shard

Into your sad soul.

You don’t greet the day

You are a reluctant passenger on this sphere

Is your end near?

Every time I leave you, I say goodbye.

(c) Slumpless


The ‘Real’ Me


‘I’m great thanks, I really think I have a handle on it, this time.’

I smiled and hoped she wouldn’t see the lack of twinkle in my eye

The lack of soul. It had gone away for the day.

Nothing happening here.

I was a shell on a chair.

All I could do was stare.

She has pity and I feel shitty.

I don’t want to seem weak… bleak.

I only give the tip of the berg

But there are mountains in this deep sea

To get to the real me.

Unexplored and dark.

Better leave it alone.

Don’t you think ?

Better not to sink.

Stay afloat. Stay afloat.

‘I’m fine thanks’.

What a beautiful cloak those words are.

I nestle into them well.

But underneath I’m naked.

(c) Slumpless



I think you’re lying to me.

But that’s ok.

I’ll take your sugar however it may come.

Unrefined and coarse.

I’ll stir it into the liquid of me

My veins will clog with the syrupy sweetness of you

Too much of a good thing can make you sick

But thankfully you’re often a prick

And then my blood runs clear

But my heart turns cold

But then you’re sweet again

And I lap you up

I wish you were honey

At least in that there is good

At least honey is pure

What we have is …unsure

And at the end of it all

This sickly depravity

These endless cavities

This constant lick and bite

I lose my senses I lose my sight.

(c) Slumpless