Ring a ring a rosie
Don’t get so cozy. A tissue. A tissue ? You’ll want one soon.

That’s me dancing rings around you.
Oh you think you’re so clever?
You got me. You got me. You get me ?
Nah uh silly rabbit.
You’re no brain for this mighty chain.

I know, I know you liked me at first
Your intentions were good ?
Not good enough my sweet.
So retreat.

To the middle where you belong
Sing your song. The one you sing to us all
But I won’t fall. For it. For you. Forever.
I see the workings of your selfish heart
Written all over your gormless face
Different girl. Different place.Getting away with it again ?
Not this time. Not this chump.
Different type of human here.
Different zone.
You’re in my circle now
And you’re all alone.

(C) Slumpless



Blue is our colour

Pools of sapphire that light up your face

And my day.

Your soft cerulean jumper.

That I long to touch but never do.

The azure oceans where one day we might swim

But probably never will.

The kind of movie our lovemaking would inspire

Set the world on fire

Put out with my indigo tears.

Yes it’s definitely our colour

And it’s certainly mine

That glacial feeling

When I have to leave

The colour of a dying heart on my sleeve.







I found you at last

In the most unexpected of places

Slowly. Slowly. Do you feel it too?

I think you do.

I see it in your eyes.

Those pools of blue.

But mine are dark and I don’t know if I should pull you in

To swim. To swim.

You know the depths of me.

The salt and fresh water that flow in my sea.

But what about yours?

Where are your ripples?

Or are you riptide?

And I’m the one being dragged in.

(c) Slumpless




Hold this bag of bones

This sack of twisting, writhing nerves

Squeeze the fear out of me

Or hold it in.

I am a messy friend today

I will cry and laugh at the same time

I will jangle in the skin I’m in

Rattle and shake

Wet like a lake

My depths know no bounds

The bottom of me is murky

I can’t get away with quirky


Hold me please. Restrain me

Otherwise I will


(C) Slumpless

Be A Balloon


Why can’t you just be cheery

This once?

When I’m feeling so damn down

Couldn’t you just pick me up?

Instead you tie lead weights to my ankles

And wait for me to drown.

You wait until I’m rock bottom

Then dredge the silt so I can fall further.

Why can’t  you be a balloon ?

(c) Slumpless